Thursday, December 30, 2010


Welcome to the Kids' ATCs blog!  My name is Misty and I've started this Blog as a way to introduce my children and their friends to the creative fun that are Artist Trading Cards.
There’s a lot of nice information to be found online about ATCs. For our kids group I’m going to stick to the basics for ACT Rules.

Size: Has to be 2 ½ ”x 3 ½” on cardstock, playing card thickness or even
chipboard. They should be sturdy enough to be handled so gluing 2
pieces of paper or more together is acceptable. Think baseball card
or cereal box.
Theme: Will be changing monthly and posted on the sidebar. This is open to
interpretation. However your child wants to portray the theme works
for me.
Original Work of Art: This is the child’s piece. We parents are the
support. So what does one need to make these little works? Here are
a few ideas: pens, pencils, paint, glitter, stickers, newspaper,
patterned paper, stamps, ribbon, gems, confetti, glue, modge podge,
charms… the list goes on.
It could be as simple as a line drawing or a collage. Use images from the computer or magazines. I suggest making 2 or 3 of every card so that one will be traded, the child keeps one and if there’s a third maybe the parent will be trading with the child as well.

On the back of the ATC please include the following information :
Artist : First and last name (Please Print)
Contact Info : City and State
Title of ATC : Whatever the child wants.
Date : Month and Year. If you’d like to include the group Theme place
it here.
Signature : Child writes/signs their name.
Number : for example if you make three of the same card they’d be numbered
as follows 1/3 on the first card, 2/3 on the second, and 3/3 on the
*I realize our young people are learning to write however this maybe an area were the adult fills in the info. with the exception of the signature.

With a traditional ATC swap the trading is done in person. Since we will be mailing our cards I thought it would be nice to include a very basic hand written letter.
Dear…Hi, my name is …. I am …years old. I like…. And anything else your child might like to write. This will help all our youngsters with penmanship and tie in the personal aspect of the swap.

Mail by Date : The 20th of each month.

Here's an example that "RV" made titled "Everything" using cardstock, glitter glue, gel pens and markers.  There are three cards in the series.
 Let the ART begin!!!!


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  1. Love these ATCs! the color in the butterflies is so bright and cheery :)